Al-Taqwa Ramadan Festival



Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim Calendar, and considered a very special month with its noble virtues and blessing. It is also known as the month of Qur’an as it is first revealed in this month. With many virtues and benefit where a muslim can possibly gain, the coming of this noble month is much awaited and respected by all muslim across the globe.

We consider it is also best for the family of Al Taqwa College Indonesia to join the festivities in welcoming the Holy Month of Ramadan despite the on-going situation.



To commemorate the Holy Quran month of Ramadan Al-Taqwa College Indonesia will hold the “Al-Taqwa Ramadan Festival” to encourage all the teacher, students to participate in various competitions to celebrate the Blessed month of Ramadan.



Name                    : Al-Taqwa Ramadan Festival

Day/date             : Tuesday, 5th of April 2022 – Friday, 25th of April 2022

Time                      : 8 PM – 12 AM

Place                     : Online Meeting

The event rundown is as follows :



      1. Tahfidz

  • Competition
    a) Kindergarten Students : An-Naas – Adh-Dhuha (Mandatory Surah : Al-Insyirah)
    b) Primary Students          : An-Naas – Al-Buruj (Mandatory Surah : Al-A’la)
    c) Secondary Students       : An-Naas – An-Naba’ (Mandatory Surah : Al-Infithar)


  • Rules
    a) Participant will get three types of questions as followed:
     Question I : Memorizing Al-Fatihah
     Question II : Countinuing Ayah/verse
     Question III : Memorizing Mandatory Surah
    b) The judges will assess the following things:
     Articulation points of Arabic letters/makharij huroof
     Tajweed
     Fluency and accuracy
    c) Any questions and instruction will be delivered in English.


     2. Islamic Speech

  • Theme
    Primary Students : Stories of the Prophets or the Companions
     The competition is consisted of two rounds: Preliminary and Final round
     Preliminary round:
          Attach your video in the registration form
          Your video must be between 5 – 7 minutes long
          You can expand the given topic


  •  Competition Rules
    a) Each participant will have 7 minutes to deliver the speech. Judge will give a 2 minutes warning prior to the end.
    b) The things that will be assessed are as follows:
     Content : knowledge, originality and organization
     Style : voice, fluency, body language and expression

     3. Ramadan Poster

  • Theme : Welcome Ramadan
  • Language : English
  • Participant : 11-15 years old
  • Posting rules:
  1. The design must be original and never been registered in any other similar competition or campaign
  2. Post the poster in participant’s social media account
  3. Tag @altaqwacollege
  4. Make sure the account is public and not protected
  5. Hashtags: #altaqwacollege #islamicschool #spk #ramadan2022
  6. Upload your design no later than 10 April 2022, 2 pm.
  7. Promote your post to gain as many like as possible. The amount of ‘like’ will be calculated from 2 – 20 April 2022.
  • 2 winners will be chosen i.e. “Most Liked” and “Honorable Mention”


1. Age:
 Kindergarten Students : age 5-7
 Primary Students : age 10-12 or Grade 5-6
 Secondary Students : age 14-15 or Grade 9


1. You can only register for 1 (one) competition only.
2. Participants may take a serial number after the technical meeting online.
3. Make sure you have a stable network connection during the event
4. Please dress in a neat and following Islamic ethics of clothing
5. Any delay in joining the event will lead to disqualification
6. Participants shall secure official approval of participation from particular School Administration. In addition, participants have to submit a birth certificate.





  1. Registration will open on Friday, March 25th, 2022. And it will close by 3PM on Sunday, April 3rd, 2022.
  2. To register, please visit
  3. More information please contact us :

            082167662202 (Mr. Bahtiar)

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